Home Sharing Tips: Renting Your Home to Vacationers in Hilton Head

Home Sharing Tips: Renting Your Home to Vacationers in Hilton Head

South Carolina is quietly becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country, routinely breaking tourism numbers year after year.

If you own a property in Hilton Head, the tourism statistics should make you see dollar signs. A constant stream of vacationers is coming to our town, so why not take advantage of a great situation?

Whether you've got a second property you can go to or your Hilton Head home is split into two units, turning your home into a vacation rental can be an amazing source of income. Today, we'll give you home sharing tips, so keep reading and you'll maximize your income without sacrificing your home.

Invest in Rental Marketing

Because tourism is getting so crazy, more and more homeowners are getting in on the vacation rental market. More competition means that you'll have to go to greater lengths to make your home stand out.

Take lots of high-quality pictures, write a detailed description of your home and the local area, and then post it to the biggest vacation rental sites. You can use paid marketing to push your home to the top of the listings. SEO is another great way to attract renters, so try using relevant keywords in your property description.

Offer Competitive Pricing

You're also going to stand out when you offer competitive pricing. You should always price your unit on a sliding scale based on how busy tourism is at the time. It helps to look at other rentals to get a sense of what they're charging.

Offering competitive pricing will yield less income for each stay, but it'll ensure your unit is booked steadily. Lower your rental prices during slower seasons, and then raise them again as it gets busier.

Remove Personal Items and Provide Rental Amenities

Once you've got renters, the next part of your job is to provide an optimal guest experience. Start by removing personal items so that your home feels less like your home and more like a vacation rental. This will ensure your renters always feel comfortable and non-intrusive.

Invest in small things like a welcome package with a few locally sourced food items. The more you can make them feel welcome, the better rating you'll get when they leave.

Make the Check-In/Check-Out Process Simple

Another major part of the guest experience is the check-in/check-out process. This should be as seamless as possible. Most top-rated vacation rentals have self check-in, which makes things easy for everyone.

Lastly, you need to be present for your renters. Whether that means being by your phone to tackle any questions or hiring a property manager to take care of the guest experience for you, it'll go a long way in securing future bookings.

Taking Home Sharing Tips to Heart

These home sharing tips will ensure your vacation rental experience goes off without a hitch. It can be tricky to manage a vacation rental out of the home that you live in and even trickier when you're located elsewhere.

A great solution for every property owner is a property manager. At PMI Sea Island, we can ensure your guests and property are always well looked after. Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rental services.